Help and support

Got stuck? Check out the following options for support & answers to most of your questions.


For frequently asked questions and solutions to commonly-occurring problems, please visit our FAQ. Please do check FAQ before submitting HelpDesk ticket: the FAQ is updated on a regular basis, and it’s possible that your question has already have been answered.

User forum

The user forum is currently being ported from its previous location. Please check back.  Check our free Forum for support (registered users only), get advice or share your experience with other users. The forum is monitored daily by the developer team but it is intended for peer-to-peer support only.


If you canʼt find an answer to your question or a solution to your problem in our FAQ, or Forum, or Knowledge Base, you can submit a Ticket to the appropriate department. For urgent questions we recommend using the Helpdesk, as it will help us manage and process your inquiries much faster. The support ticket system is available 24/7 and you can usually expect a reply from us within 48 hours. However, please note that we are not fully staffed during weekend hours or holidays.

Product documentation

You can access the latest product documentation at any time from the back end of MakeContest script (life saver icon in the top menu). This documentation will walk you through all back-end settings and options, and explain how to set up different features, what they do, and how they work. Please take a moment to review the documentation if you have any questions regarding setting up the script, and the back end.