MakeContest Version 5.0 is Released

We are excited to release version 5.0 of MakeContest.

Who qualifies for a free upgrade?

  • Developer license holders who purchased after December 15, 2014
  • Customers who purchased Professional or Business licenses at any time

How to receive a free upgrade?

Simply submit a HelpDesk support ticket with license # and request to upgrade your purchase to a new version


New features in v5.0


    User preferences display

    Jumpy menus

    Design review display

    Email message bug

    Slider security vulnerability


    You are now able to upload a wide variety of file types in contests including movie file types.


    Admins now have access to private messages.


    Customers have been using MakeContest for much more than just design contests and needed flexibility in the information they collect from “designers” or whoever might be applying for their service. The custom fields features allows the flexibility to collect additional information in “design proposals” of any kind you like. So whether you are creating a design contest, a job board or loan proposals, you’ll be able to specify what the applying party needs to provide.

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